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Call or Text  us today if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

  • PC System Crashes
  • Slow PC Performance
  • Freezing
  • Hardware Malfunctions
  • Blue Screens
  • Corrupted Registry Files
  • Problems with Computer & Application Shutdown


We help protect your investment.  Let us take care of your system so that you can concentrate on your business. 

The fact is, to fix a computer you have to fully understand how they work and what makes them stop working. Nearly 20 year of experience troubleshooting computer systems of a wide variety ensures you that your system is in good hands. 


Our business practices are conducted with long term customer relationships in mind.  Beware of band-aid techs.   Anyone can run an anti-virus program on your computer and call it fixed.  Those are who we commonly call band-aid techs.  They will leave your system running on crutches, charge a good buck, and then disappear.


The truth is that there are many factors working against your computer system’s health as soon as you take it out of the box.  Common factors include environmental, electrical, software bugs and hardware malfunctions and viruses.


Viruses don't just happen.  An unprotected computer will allow a virus to attack and many times propagate to computers in your house, to your friends and to your neighbors.  Many internet service providers will disable your connection if your computer is infected.  Viruses not only cause physical damage they allow their creators to steal private information for the purpose of identity theft.

We don't just remove the virus we fix your computer.

For what you would expect to pay the competition to remove a virus from your computer, we include these additional services.

  • High-performance scanning
  • Junk File Cleaner
  • Evidence Cleaner
  • System Optimizer
  • Internet Optimizer
  • Smart Defragmentation
  • IE Manage and Restore
  • BHO Manager
  • Automatic or Manual Error Removal
  • Full Registry Backup
  • Set Restore Points
  • Active-X Blocker
  • Error Rectification
  • Add/Remove Program Manager
  • Re-Register Active-X Objects
  • Check Invalid User Settings
  • Check Invalid System Settings
  • Check Invalid Application Paths
  • Check Recently Used Files
  • Check Invalid Class Keys
  • Validate Active-X, OLE & COM Objects
  • Check Uninstall Sections
  • Check Invalid Fonts
  • Check Shared DLLs
  • Validate Startup Programs
  • Check Invalid Shortcuts
  • Check Invalid File Associations
  • Check Invalid Start Menu Items
  • Check Recently Used Files
  • Delete Empty Registry Keys
  • Checks System Services
  • Check & install Windows Updates
  • Memory Tweak

 Your computer will:

  • Load Windows Faster
  • Run Applications Smoothly
  • Regain Disk Space
  • Run Automatic Updates

 We look at your entire computing solution and make recommendations on the following:

  • Power requirements & Surge Protection
  • Anti-Virus & Malware Protection
  • Environmental Factors & Solutions
  • Internet Service Provider

Customer Comments & Testimonials

Todd Smith
Date: Mar 07, 2011

Tony has been a real asset for us in Del Rio. Tony has saved our company countless hours of drive time. We also found we did not have to train him like we would most IT professionals. Thank you Tony!!